Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of videos you create?


I make different type of videos. From music video to video documentation. I love making music videos, because I really love music. But I can also make interviews, videoblog, social videos. advertising. I have a solid experience in fashion advertising and film festivals.


Have you ever studied videomaking and graphic design?


I learned the theory of photography and videomaking at the university. During my studies I had the chance to go abroad, in order to improve my skills, so I went to Spain. There I studied how to handle a television set: how to direct a small crew, how to manage all the equipment and other. When I came back to Italy, I had a lot of experience on the field. I worked as a videomaker on several film festivals and other cultural events., such as concerts and conferences. 



What is your equipment?


I use DSLR camera for both video and photography. Using DSLR cameras is a great choice for an entry level, but also good for a professional, because they allow you to learn quickly the basics of photography, and put tem in practice while shooting videos. During my collaborations I got the chance to use professional and mirrorless cameras, besides DSLRs. I also have a good experience with action cameras. I actually have one, which I use for time-lapses, slow-motion and fish-eye effect videos. 

Concerning the audio department, I use condenser microphones, external recorders and lavalier microphones, mainly for interviews. When recording the audio track with an external recorder becomes complicated (i.e. I don't have enough time to set up a recording), I use a shotgun stereo microphone, which I can connect directly to the camera. 

Post-Production: this is where the magic happens! I use the Adobe Suite (Premiere for video editing, After Effects for special effects, Photoshop for photo editing, Illustrator for graphics and Audition for audio editing), but I also used other softwares such as Final Cut. Concerning the Color Correction I mainly use DaVinci Resolve, but also Adobe Premiere, Adobe Speedgrade and Magic Bullet Suite by Red Giant.

Are you willing to travel for work?


Of course! I have no problems in travelling. Together with Italian, which is my mother tongue, I fluently speak both English and Spanish. The job of the videomaker is always various and interesting, by its nature it brings you to learn new things everyday. Learning new things is the main motto of the videomaker. In order to learn different realities in other countries, you must be a willing traveller. 


I would like you to make a video/graphic for me/my company. What are your prices?

The prices of my services depend on the kind of work I have to do, both videomaking and graphic design. You can send me an e-mail and explain what do you need, and together we can agree upon the price. If you want to contect me, even for further information, click HERE

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